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Day 1 - September 10: Richard Runs for Martin

Richard Runs for Martin Richard Runs for Martin Day 1's Richard inspiration was Martin, " Little Man", who was diagnosed with ALL before his third birthday on 2000. Martin's mom states: "after our son relapsed with leukemia, our hopes for his survival were few. Fortunately for us, a friend introduced us to Richard and Diane Nares, who had experienced a similar situation. They found the strength to share their story with us, and gave us the courage to face the challenges of our decision. Through the Emilio Nares Foundation, they gave us their understanding, they listened to our fears, they shared our emotions, and they comforted us. And now, even though the most difficult times seem behind us, they are still with us. For all these, and for the nobility of their souls, we hold Richard and Diane very dear to our hearts."

Day 2 - September 11: Richard Runs for Ivana

Richard Runs for IvanaIvana is a well-loved, affectionate 5 year old. She loves school and can’t wait to start the new school year. That is her dream. Her passion is computers, she learns quickly and enjoys learning new skills. Of course, like any typical 5 year old, she loves anything girly-girl, like getting her nails done. She was 2 years old when she was diagnosed with bone cancer. Despite the health challenges she faces in her life, she has a wonderfully positive outlook. Her smile is contagious as you can see. She is quite heroic, and amazes those around her with her "can do" attitude. To say the least, she has been a great source of inspiration to all who are lucky enough to share in her life.

Day 3 - September 12: Richard Runs for Aditya

Richard Runs for Aditya Aditya was diagnosed with liver cancer the day he turned one; on that day, the life of this family changed dramatically. He required surgery, chemotherapy and many hospital stays. His mom could not drive and his father worked during the day and took care of him at night. It was very hard for his father to take them to CHOC almost daily all the way from Irvine. They asked ENF for help, and during Aditya's treatment, they received free transportation services!!!! He likes Winnie the Pooh, balloons and is now thriving …

Day 4 - September 13: Richard Runs for Jose

Richard Runs for Jose Jose, lovingly called by ENF staff as Joselito, is 9 years old. He likes school and playing with his younger sister. He wants to be a firefighter, a police officer and everything life will allow him to become. His life, he would say, is pretty normal. But at one time, it was marked by numerous visits to the hospital, traveling by bus 5-hours each way, since he was only 1 year old, to get to Rady’s Children’s Hospital in San Diego. In 2003, he was diagnosed with a brain tumor. After multiple surgeries, he relapsed 3 more times. When his family enrolled in the ENF transportation program, Joselito's trips were reduced to only 90 minutes to and from the hospital. "ENF is our family, we still come to the hospital frequently and we have to see everybody…like family" - Joselito's mom

Day 5 - September 14: Richard Runs for Joel

Richard Runs for Joel Joel is an energetic, loving, little 22 month old toddler. Like most toddlers his age is very curious and active. Anyone who comes in contact with him falls immediately in love with him. Joel has a very loving close family. His loving sisters and brother adore him and are never out of his sight. Unfortunately, he is battling pre-leukemia. Joel's mother is deeply touched by all that ENF has provided for little Joel and his family. Joel's mom is very active in the sewing classes on Mondays and enjoys sewing for her family. This also gives her a chance to interact with other moms in similar circumstances. She is so appreciative of even the smallest gestures because she knows these are truly gifts from the heart.

Day 6 - September 15: Richard Runs for Hailey

Richard Runs for Hailey Hailey is a wonderful 5-year old, she likes to paint, and play with her younger sister. She just started kindergarten and she wants to be a nurse when she grows up. She was diagnosed with kidney cancer, on both kidneys, when she was only 10 months old. When she was diagnosed, the cancer was very advanced and despite chemotherapy, she lost both kidneys and received dialysis until she found a kidney donor in Sept 2010. "ENF worked closely with us every step of the way. The quality of their service and the kindness of the staff have been a source of comfort all these years. We could not make it without the transportation services" Hailey's mom

Day 7 - September 16: Richard Runs for Oscar

Richard Runs for Oscar Oscar is a shining star and he has many dreams and inspirations. He wants to be an actor, or perhaps a marine biologist. He loves all musical instruments, art, dancing, and just hanging out with friends and family. His smile is captivating! Oscar was diagnosed January 9, 2009. Despite his battle with Leukemia, this thriving 11 year old is loving life to its fullest. He never passes up the opportunity to get involved and help out others. His Mother and brother, Tito, are very involved in "giving back". They volunteer often and help out other families in need. They are very much a part of the ENF family.

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